Are you considering a kitchen remodel, but don’t know where to start? Kitchen makeovers should be enjoyable projects, but there’s so much to think about – what materials, colors and style will bring your dream space to life?

One of the best places in the US for inspiration is Austin, Texas. With its vibrant culture, delicious food and beautiful architecture, it’s no wonder Austin offers some of the most stunning kitchen remodels around. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of it and compiled this guide that includes some of the best kitchen remodels in Austin, Texas.

In this blog post, we’ll show you five of our favorite kitchen remodels from Austinites who wisely chose unique finishes that created one-of-a-kind looks. Read on for plenty of ideas on how you can take your own kitchen from bland to beautiful!

1. The Modern Victorian

Zilker | Austin, TX Kitchen Remodel

The vision for this kitchen remodel was to take the best of 19th-century Victorian style and combine it with all of the advancements in new-age construction and modern livability. This means that it would have the beautiful features of a Victorian home on the inside and outside, but it would also be built using energy-efficient materials and methods, and be able to use smart technology.

This modern victorian kitchen features an expansive 10ft wide by 4ft deep island, as well as floor-to-ceiling customized cabinetry that perfectly complements the wall panel detail. To complete the look, luxurious Arabescato marble countertops span the entire space including in both the butler’s pantry and bar area. The appliances are of top quality – Signature Kitchen Suite which surpasses even Wolf & Subzero. The kitchen includes a large range with double ovens, and a fridge with a column freezer built into the cabinetry.

Adjacent to the kitchen, lies a utility room and butler’s pantry that can be reached from both sides: the garage and the kitchen. Here, you will find one wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry solely dedicated to your pantry with an extra countertop meant for either kitchen appliances or as a workspace area complete with built-in microwave.

This side of the room is decorated with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that houses a laundry station complete with a countertop, utility sink, and an LG washer/dryer set. Beyond this lies the butler’s pantry – boasting upper and lower cabinets along with wine storage encased in glass framed by steel to match the entryway of the dining area. The floors throughout the home are oak. 

2. Casa Tulum

Barton Hills | Austin, TX Kitchen Remodel

This old 1986 kitchen was remodeled into a new, stylish Mexican-inspired villa that backs right up to the Austin Greenbelt. The owners are Mexican natives who were inspired by the contemporary aesthetic of current architecture in Tulum.

This kitchen remodel was focused on earthy design elements that connect to the landscape of Tulum. The color scheme is whites with bleached wood tones from the beach, and the pool plaster is the iconic deep blue of the Caribbean Sea.

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3. The House on Westlake Hills

Westlake Hills | Austin, TX Kitchen Remodel

This aging traditional kitchen was converted into a sleek, modern masterpiece. To make the most of its expansive 5, 000+sq ft space and breathtaking views, this house underwent an extensive renovation – from walls to windows! From ground to ceiling, every window has been replaced so that no view is wasted.

As you descend five stairs, you’ll arrive in the kitchen and living area of what once was the master suite and study. To create a more harmonious setting, this entire side of the house has been lifted two feet higher than its original level.

4. Hickory Love Kitchen

Barton Creek | Austin, TX Kitchen Remodel

This early 2000’s kitchen was desperately in need of a makeover. Its dark colors, lack of natural light and uniquely shaped corners made it feel like an underground cave rather than the heart of a home. Although the kitchen area itself was quite large, its tucked-away placement coupled with sectioning walls left this space feeling cramped and closed off from the rest.

During this kitchen renovation, a 20-foot wide load-bearing wall with ancient arches was eliminated. Tthe outsized pantry that stuck out into the kitchen space was demolished and extra wall was built at the back of it to make it symmetrical. They were eager to have one of the best kitchen remodels in Austin.

The result? An airy and brightened kitchen! To bring light into every corner of this expanded room, numerous recessed canned lights were installed for illumination whenever required. Hickory hardwood flooring was extended all around as custom cabinets from ceiling to ground level – completing its grand design aesthetic overall.

The homeowners liked to cook, so they wanted a second sink in the kitchen island. This way, they could prep food while someone else washed dishes in the original sink location. To make this happen, they had to trench the slab and extend the sewer line to the new sink location.

They decided to go with clean white walls and white marble countertops to contrast the darker wood of the flooring and cabinets. The space was so large that we were able to attach an informal dining table made out of white quartz. This allows a space for people to eat more casually outside of the formal dining room.

5. 1940’s In Color

Zilker | Austin, TX Kitchen Remodel

These homeowners desired a home located in Austin’s historic Zilker neighborhood, but this 1940s kitchen was in need of serious renovations. They were eager to preserve the vintage charm while incorporating modern elements such as up-to-date technology and energy efficiency into their design. They were determined to have one of the best kitchen remodels in Austin.

This house had outdated cast iron plumbing and cloth wiring, so it was completely gutted down to the studs. They then replaced all of the old sewer and water lines as well as added a new electric service and rewired everything throughout the home – a project that was essential for bringing this property up to modern standards.

In the endeavor to renew this 1940’s kitchen, the rear house was repurposed into a utility and mudroom. They converted what used to be an area connecting two homes into the ideal butler’s pantry adjacent to the kitchen. To complete the transformation, they installed new wooden flooring that was sanded and stained in perfect unison with its existing counterpart for a seamless look between old and new!

The homeowners were daring with their choice of finishes, having included many vibrant colors to enliven the walls, cabinetry and trim. Furthermore, a mix of striking decorative tiles was used along intricate lay patterns to emphasize the home’s admirable and singular charm. To pay tribute to times past they refurbished steel window frames, wood casings and impressive ornate trimmings that had been in place prior to the kitchen renovations. This project won awards in The 2019 South Central US Region Residential Interior $100,000 to $250,000 Award-Winning Remodel.

Start Your Own Kitchen Remodel in Austin, TX

Now that you’ve seen some of the best kitchen remodels in Austin, we hope you feel inspired to take your own kitchen from bland to beautiful!

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