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Home additions are complex because they are a hybrid between remodeling and new construction. It takes a mastery of both remodeling and new construction to properly execute an addition project, and we have both down to a science. Marrying a new foundation and framing an existing home is a complex process that we are well accustomed to. Seamlessly melding existing structure with new is paramount, not only aesthetically, but even more importantly for safety, the longevity of the home, and structural warrantability. We work side-by-side with the highest quality structural engineers in the field. Whether it’s adding on a new master suite, or building a new second story and doubling the size of your home, we have you covered.

Out of remodels, additions, and new construction additions are by far the most challenging. Though they are difficult, there are cost savings to be had depending on how much of the existing structure we can work with. An addition is an excellent option for people who love their homes but simply just need more space. Additions are also a great option where we are working with a noncomplying structure built inside of building setbacks, over on impervious cover, etc. The trick here is that any new structure has to comply with the updated city code, while the existing structure gets grandfathered in. We have many instances where we purposely keep a certain portion of the home to ensure the structure is grandfathered and build new around it to maximize the home’s potential.

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