2019 NARI Austin Winner

1940’s In Color

Zilker Park

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Full Home Remodel

Location: Zilker Park
Architect: Pluck Architecture
Builder: Revent Builds

Our clients had their hearts set on a 1940s Austin Zilker home, but it needed some TLC to make the vision they were envisioning come alive.

They wanted all of the charm and character that comes with living in any ancient abode whilst still having modern tech like energy efficiency tucked away behind closed doors – not an easy task! But we made sure their dream design came into fruition.

This project won awards in the 2019 South Central US Region Residential Interior $100,000 to $250,000 Award-Winning Remodel

1940's In Color | 1940's In Color | Full Home Remodel | 1940 zilker remodel accent wall with desk

Full Home Remodel

Austin, Texas

This 1940’s Austin Zilker home checked our client’s box for location but needed a major overhaul. Our clients were highly interested in maintaining the unique time period character of the home. But they were also keen on contemporary design elements, modern technology, and energy efficiency.

The interior of the home was gutted down to the studs. Per time period, this home had cast iron plumbing and cloth wiring. This called for a full replacement of the sewer and water lines as well as a new electric service and complete rewire. The existing HVAC unit was undersized and failing, so it was replaced with a new unit, complete new ducting, and mechanical venting. After MEP was complete the home got new foam insulation to ensure airtight efficiency in an old home with no subfloor and many cracks and crevices which air can escape. That with a tankless hot water heater was high on our client’s list of priorities to improve the home’s overall energy efficiency.

The property originally had two separate houses, which were combined into one home at some point, which resulted in an awkward floor plan and called for some much-needed structural enhancements to the foundation and framing of the home. We repurposed the existing 1940’s kitchen in what used to be the rear house to a new utility and mudroom.

We also added an entirely new master bath in which we reinforced the pier and beam foundation for the new freestanding pedestal tub. We made some floor plan changes such as walling off and making new doorways to create better flow through the house. The master bedroom had a tiny closet, so we expanded into an adjacent hall bedroom’s large closet to allow for adequate storage. An area that was used as a hallway to connect the two houses became the new butler’s pantry. Being located right off the kitchen, this worked out perfectly. New wood flooring was installed in the kitchen and butler’s pantry. We matched the original hardwoods and sanded and stained the new flooring to match the existing ones.

To create a sleek and contemporary feel, Level five texture was applied in the whole home. Our clients were quite adventurous when it came to finishes. We applied many different colors on accent walls, cabinetry, and trim. A mix of various decorative tiles with intricate lay patterns was used to enhance the home’s bold, unique aesthetic. In the spirit of tipping our hat to the past, we refinished existing steel and wood windows, existing built-in cabinetry, and existing ornate trim.

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