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We are a team of highly skilled craftsmen who seamlessly work together to bring your vision to life. We’ve grown up together, in so many ways, and Revent brought us back together to live out our dreams. John, Ryan, and Andrew wrestled in high school together and each went down their own paths only to find themselves back on the same team years later with aligned goals once again. Antonio and Pedro, two of Revent’s master craftsmen are brothers with unique and complementary skill sets that make them the ultimate duo. John hired them for his very first project in Austin and they have been on the team ever since. AJ was the star of Andrew’s team in his former career and worked alongside Andrew to complete a personal project for John and has been a part of every project since. Each of them brings their diverse experiences together to collaborate and execute intricately detailed and thoughtful projects. You will feel the difference working with a truly connected team that is invested in both each other and in their craft.

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Revent Builds Owner, John Gioffre

When you work with Revent Builds, you work with real people from Austin. John gives 100% of his passion and attention to every project. With client satisfaction as his metric for success, John pushes Revent to be best luxury home builder in Austin.

John, Owner of Revent

John Gioffre

Owner/Head of Operations

John never meets a stranger. His innate curiosity and ability to connect have guided his path from studying political science as an undergrad and defensive linemen at Rice University, followed by law school at South Texas College of Law Houston where he connected his passion with his purpose in real estate.

John started GO Investments in Houston, a real estate investment company focused on purchasing distressed properties and rehabbing them to a state where they could be rented or sold. He gained a solid foundation in general contracting and the company went on to own a sizable portfolio of single-family homes and has recently acquired some multifamily assets.

Inspired by the work, John began flipping houses, doing custom projects for clients, and completed his first upscale remodel with Andrew and AJ and they haven’t stopped since 2013.

John got the opportunity to become CEO of a real estate development company in Austin in 2015 where he got exposure to wide-ranging construction projects all over the city. While learning the ins and outs of the City of Austin code and building processes, John invested in relationships with experts and craftsmen like brothers Antonio and Pedro and began building his own team and Revent was born.

Since then Revent Builds has completed hundreds of projects across the full spectrum of construction and renovation and has grown into a multimillion-dollar company. John is truly invigorated by his work and feels beyond grateful that he gets to live out his passion each day.



Construction Manager

John met Andrew on the high school wrestling team and always admired his work ethic and tenacity. Those remain a driving force in Andrew’s life as he went on to study business management in Ohio and eventually built a successful career with The Home Depot.

But while in college, Andrew was driven to work with his hands to make some extra money becoming a tile and carpentry apprentice and becoming a master craftsman while earning his degree.

Upon returning to Houston, he merged his knowledge and expertise becoming a Project Specialist for The Home Depot and within five years became Operations Store Manager for multiple store locations taking on huge projects for the company. AJ became a key player on his team and while Andrew pursued contractor work on the side, he began to bring AJ into projects as his apprentice where they ended up working on projects for John together bringing to life the start of the team.

Andrew ultimately left Home Depot to pursue his passion with John as Construction Manager and brought AJ along as they began to flip houses and make their way to Austin where Revent was born.

AJ, Craftsman, Multi-trade & Tile Specialist


Craftsman, Multi-trade & Tile Specialist

As a standout member of Andrew’s Home Depot team, AJ took pride in his work and Andrew always knew the job would be completed beyond expectation. As AJ became a true partner to Andrew, he learned that he had experience in construction and a drive to learn everything he could. Andrew’s trust in AJ grew and he brought him in to help him remodel John’s personal home and he’s been his right hand ever since.

Working with John and Andrew on flips, AJ began investing in learning everything he could, putting himself through plumbing school to become a plumber’s apprentice, and learning from Andrew on their projects together how to do everything from flooring and tile to drywall.

AJ started out as a sales specialist at The Home Depot. He took pride in his position and his work, followed directions well and made sure all of his tasks were completed correctly.

As John’s projects grew in Austin, he knew he needed AJ in on them and they joined forces again in Austin where he’s been a member of Revent since 2016.

Over the past five years, AJ has become a master craftsman specializing in tile setting. He focuses on highly custom applications and intricate lay patterns. AJ works very methodically, laying out the tile before it gets installed to ensure the correct pattern and placement. Take a look at the master shower on our Tether Trail project. This was one of our most difficult geometric patterns ever with the pattern continuing unbroken throughout the whole shower.

Pedro, Craftsman, Multi-Trade, Framing and Carpentry Specialist


Craftsman, Multi-Trade, Framing and Carpentry Specialist

As fate would have it, Pedro was one of the first people John met in Austin working on his first project. He and his brother Antonio’s reputation preceded them as they were referred to him for a major remodel project. Hired to do one component, the quality of their work was quickly apparent and they went on to take on many other major projects over the 6,000 sq ft quadplex project.

Pedro began working on framing and exteriors at 18-years-old by carrying sheets of plywood one at a time to the top of the roof in the Texas heat to be installed as decking. Over the next several years he expanded his skills to professionally installing windows, doors, sheathing, siding, and framing.

After seven years refining his skills, Pedro started his own company doing exterior and framing work for large production builders in Austin where he perfected his skills and became a master carpenter.

Pedro became the contractor of choice for a prominent landlord in Austin. What started off as exterior work and repairs evolved into full extensive remodels. This is when Pedro decided to join forces with his brother, Antonio. Pedro handled all carpentry, exterior work, and framing, while Antonio handled drywall, texture, and paint–the ultimate team. Pedro has been an integral part of the Revent family since 2016. Having the same crew that frames our houses also doing flooring, tile, and carpentry allows us to uphold the utmost level of quality throughout the whole build process. Take a look at our Tether Trail project to see Pedro’s framing at work. Seven gables at the front of the house, and two giant decks at the rear!

Antonio, Foreman, Multi-Trade, Painter/Drywall Specialist


Foreman, Multi-Trade, Painter/Drywall Specialist

As fate would have it, Antonio was one of the first people John met in Austin working on his first project. He and his brother Pedro’s reputation preceded them as they were referred to him for a major remodel project. Hired to do one component, the quality of their work was quickly apparent and they went on to take on many other major projects over the 6,000 sq ft quadplex project.

Antonio began building his skills at just 16-years-old cutting sheetrock and patching drywall and growing from there to eventually lead his own crew. He completed extensive projects on an average of eight houses a day enabling him to become an expert at matching texture and flawless execution.

Antonio wanted to learn more so he started over and began working for a painting company. Once again, he quickly expanded his techniques until he became a foreman running multiple crews. After mastering so many aspects of the building process, he joined forces with his brother, an expert in complementary trades, and went out on their own, eventually meeting John.

Antonio has been a vital part of Revent since 2016. Antonio’s outstanding work ethic and his unparalleled attention to detail have led him to be promoted to foreman for Revent Builds. He has grown alongside the company and continues to conquer any challenges that have been thrown his way. To see Antonio’s flawless paintwork up close, take a look at our Kinney Project which has many different colors and an entire pink butler’s pantry!

Ryan Craftsman Apprentice


Craftsman Apprentice

Ryan always brought optimism and hard work to the team from his days on the wrestling team with John in high school and it’s still true today.

Ryan has always been fond of being outdoors and in ever-changing environments and it’s been a guide to his life beginning with studying Zoology at Texas State University. During his summers at home, he began working at an award-winning custom pool company where he quickly excelled and was promoted to crew lead. He loved the work and stuck with it over the next four years leading crews on residential custom pools and major commercial projects including two Typhoon Texas water parks.

Ryan and John remained friends and as Revent was coming to life in Austin, Ryan was driven to explore different trades. As the company grew, Ryan leaped for the chance to become the new craftsman apprentice and dive headfirst into learning new skills and become classically trained in the trades by the best and his former teammates.

As the newest member of the Revent team, he is now being mentored by Andrew and AJ and that same optimism and dedication to hard work are propelling him closer to that goal each day.