Why should I remodel my home?

I mean, really it’s okay as it is, right? I don’t know why I would spend the time and money to change it. Sure, we could use more space and maybe it could be updated, but what is it that motivates people to go through a home remodel?

People remodel their home for several different reasons.


Whether it’s outdated or just plain, many people like to put their own stamp on their home. Many homes these days come with a pretty standard set of fixture options and layouts, but these may not be enough for people who want a creative element or want to look different from their neighbor, and their neighbor, and their neighbor. Opening up a room or several rooms can make all the difference.

When it comes to older homes, especially in the Austin area, there can be many more reasons to remodel. Dated materials, including cabinets, fixtures, tubs, and flooring can be a major reason to update. You can use the opportunity to bring the home back into its heyday by using materials and decorating elements that harken back to times past, or you can modernize the interior for a sleek look and surprise when people walk in the door.

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It’s not just aesthetics that leads people to remodel their home. Though this can play a major role, it’s not always the main motivator. When you think update, you probably think “old”, and there is truth to that. When it comes to older homes, like mid-century or anything before 1980, there are a lot of code specifications that have changed. It may be a matter of safety or efficiency when it comes to waterlines and electricity. Not to mention foundation and central heating and air.

When we think of homes built after 1980, we think of houses that were slapped up quickly and in a less than ideal manner. Many of the homes built during this time had foundation issues early on that have only festered. Not to mention the closed-off style of home design to make them seem “bigger” by putting more rooms in a smaller space. These homes can benefit from a hard look at what needs to be done to improve the situation and go from there.


There is no excuse for a new home built in our time to not already have efficiency built-in. Smart thermostats, smart kitchen appliances, and smart alert systems are pretty standard nowadays. But, anything built prior to our technology-laden time needs a lot of help in these areas. Smart systems, tankless water heaters, and even solar power can easily be installed to improve the efficiency of homes that were built across many different decades.

Consider speaking with us to let us know your concerns about your home and why you might be on the fence with a remodel. We can give you our honest opinion and assessment of your situation. Contact Revent Builds in Austin to get started today.

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