There are so many unknowns when undertaking a home remodel or a room renovation. It can be a daunting prospect and there are a lot of different aspects to consider as you start planning. Here are some renovation tips to help you navigate how you want to handle your Austin renovation or remodel.

1. Don’t be afraid to knock down walls.

This one is our personal favorite. I know it seems like a scary thing to do, especially when you’ve gone your entire life with people telling you how important it is not to mess with load-bearing walls and the like. But shying away from knocking down walls (yes, even load-bearing ones) can really limit your remodel potential. Embrace the idea of opening up your home, just make sure you are working with someone who can help you do it the right way.*cough* Revent Builds *cough*

2. Go All-In with Your Renovation

If you can afford to do it all, commit to getting it all done. Phases of projects are great, but doing one piece of your home at a time with a long break between can go a few different ways. Best case is you are cool waiting for the master bath to be done while you have a freshly renovated guest bathroom, but the more likely situations are: a) you will get ancy and frustrated with one room looking great, and the other dated, plus if the difference shows in rooms where company would spend time, then you may not want to entertain until you get to the next phase b) there is never another ‘good time’ and you find yourself 2 years down the road with only a portion of your ideal plan (which you spent so much time putting together) executed. If you budget doesn’t allow, or you really only need updates to one room, like a kitchen, then this doesn’t apply to you. But, if you want to do a full reno, and are just nervous about time-table, discuss with your team and make sure they have a solid plan in place to tackle your reno in a legitimate manner and with a schedule.

Renovation Tips - Revent Builds

3. Plan Ahead for Your Renovation – Like Way Ahead

Make sure you have a plan in place for your reno. Yes, part of that is doing your research on your renovation expert, reviewing a project schedule, learning what the renovators will take care of for you and what you need to be ready to handle (drop cloths, special locks, contingency plans for extreme weather). But, what I’m really referring to here is planning things like where everyone in the house will be sleeping as different phases of your project take place. How will you have access to food or cooking elements, refrigerator, etc., while the kitchen is rebuilt? What will change with your morning bathroom routine when you’re down to one? Everyone in the house needs to understand and be on-board, as well as prepared for the changes that a remodel or renovation can make temporarily necessary. Plan for delays, weather-related or otherwise. Having these plans in place ahead of time can help reduce the anxiety around a renovation, as well as help you feel a little more in control amidst what feels like chaos (but is, in reality, a well-oiled machine).

When you work with a partner who is well-versed in the needs of the client they are working with, some of this planning and these tips will be taken care of for you. We try to think ahead to help meet the needs of our clients, in design and by causing as little disruption as we can. Our crew is dedicated and passionate about not only the end results of your renovation but also your satisfaction with the process of the project.

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