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At Revent, remodeling is our bread and butter. Revent was founded on the premise of reinventing existing houses to reach their utmost potential. The name Revent is simply an abbreviation of exactly that. There is much beauty to be found in the past and we feel that the harmony where old meets new produces a unique and long-lasting product that will be admired for years to come. Whether it’s remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or a down to studs restoration on an early 1900’s home–we are the team for you.

Remodeling is an art that should not be taken lightly, and we have simply mastered it. Existing conditions pose an interesting set of challenges that new construction does not. Something as simple as working with floors that aren’t level and walls that aren’t plumb takes a thorough understanding of custom craftsmanship to execute. When we are done, old and new will marry in perfect cohesive balance. We are certified and insured to deal with unsafe or outdated conditions such as asbestos, lead paint, cast iron plumbing, cloth sheathed, aluminum wiring, and many other obstacles that can come along the way.

Each project is unique which calls for out-of-the-box thinking and an impeccable ability to problem solve. Revent has gained experience through hundreds of successful projects, and although no two projects are alike, we lean on past experience to deliver on current projects. We approach problems as a team to solve them. When an obstacle arises, we collaborate among our architects, engineers, trade professionals, and you to find the solution that maintains your vision and goals. Unforeseen problems are part of the process and we are accustomed to them. We charge our clients and pay our trades by the job NOT by time. We aren’t finished until the job is done right.

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You’re investing a lot of money and time on your remodel, and we want to make sure it suits your needs and style well beyond your current phase in life and family. We can help you avoid overspending on trendy items that may not last or can become dated with a focus on putting your money into changes that will last long-term. By thinking strategically about design, materials, and timing, you can cut costs without cutting corners so you can realize your dream while making a sound investment in your home.

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