There is never enough space, especially when you have fallen in love with a charming home in Central Austin or South Austin and just can’t see being anywhere else. It’s easy to find yourself cramped not only by lack of space but also by people and stuff.

It’s a tale as old as time (at least in Austin)…you move into a fabulously Austin-tatious neighborhood with the most adorable mid-century homes, After blissful months of entertaining, getting to know the neighbors and making this entire corner of Austin your own, you decide to start a family. That adorable 2-bed, 1-bath that has served you so well as a two-some, suddenly feels much too confining when you become a family of three, four or more.

What are you todo? Leave your sweet, lovely, ideal home that you put so much love and time into? Fret not! This is not your only option. With some creative and expert renovation assistance, your home can serve you and your family well and you don’t have to run for the ‘burbs.

Open Floorplan Remodel

The cookie-cutter separate room design so common of home from a bygone era can be a deterrent in newer layouts. If your living space is feeling a little too cramped and separate, an open floorplan design might be your best option to open things up. Revival Construction is no stranger to taking out walls and rerouting necessary utilities. It may sound intimidating, but with the right crew on your side, you have nothing to worry about. This is kind of our ‘thing’.

Kitchen Updates

Cabinets only along one wall? Counterspace nonexistent? Opening things up is a great place to start. Adding more storage to the kitchen and more room to work is a must as your family and collection of kitchen gadgets, dishes, and more accumulate. Small kitchens can be functional and great spaces to entertain with an expert touch. That tiny dining area can be converted to seating space and give you even more storage options. Think window seats and a unique island. If your cabinets hold magnets, it’s time to upgrade to something new that like makes much more efficient use of the same space.

Need More Bathroom Storage?

Bathrooms built in these super cute houses came with little storage options and little in the way of bathrooms period. But, when you look at things the right way, you can use the space you were given to its greatest potential. Shelving can be added pretty much anywhere, as well as hidden cabinets behind mirrors and the like. Eliminating a bathtub or shower feature can help or even just updating these elements may make a huge difference.

Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel in Austin, TX

There are a lot of ways to make your charming Austin home more spacious, from storage solutions to opening up rooms, Revival Construction employs experts that love a challenge and have experience across Austin, taking on projects just like this. Contact us today to see if we are the right fit for you and your project!

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